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Born in Catania in 1971, after studying piano under the guidance of Teacher Margherita Ventura,  she later dedicated to opera-theatrical accompaniment and choral direction. He performed at the  Bellini Civic Museum, on the occasion of 191st anniversary of the birth of the  "Swan Catanese”, at  the COMMILITER of  Naples, in honor of the Chiefs of  Defense of the Italian,  Bulgarian, Romanian  and later the English Forces"; he gave three recitals for the A.F.S.O.U.T.H. Command, Allied Forces  Southern Europe, at the Theater of  NATO, earning the title of  "Ambassador of Italian Culture and  Art"; on the occasion of the Investiture of the Knights of  the  Order of St. John of  Jerusalem (OSJ) of  the Knights of  Malta; for the "Royal Society of Santa Maria  della Mercede".  At the request of the Multimedia Group, performed the soundtracks of the  multimedia CD "I notice  the rock garden”.   He has been a guest artist for many musical-cultural associations, both national and international:   UNESCO, Telethon, AGIMUS, Yachting Club, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, FON.CA.NE.SA., the   Fondazione Teatro Massimo Bellini, Sangiorgi  Theatre, Musical Association Etna (Teatro  Metropolitan  Catania), SCAM, Association Musicale Siciliana, AIDO Association Magma, EOS,  Association of Catholic  Doctors, Opera Universitaria, A.I.Lam, Universal Academy Heraldry "la   Crisalide", Music Art, etc...   He has been the subject of foreign newspapers such as "El Dia" (Spain), "El Mundo" (Argentina),  "Taumalipas" (Mexico), and cultural  magazines such as "puente entre continentes Canarias" (with a  review by Jose Quintana).   He has received international awards: "La Crisalide D'argento",  "Certificate of Appreciation" of  NATO, "Aci e Galatea" , the "Gran Rosone di Barone delle Arti", and  for artistic  merit, as an honorary member of the National Association of the Knights of Malta.   He  played in the debut performance, with the State Philharmonic Orchestra Kishinev (Moldavia),  under  the direction of Maestro William D'Arrigo, has frequently collaborated with  the State  Philharmonic Orchestra "Ion Dumitrescu" by Ramnicu Valcea (Romania), with the Orchestra Paul   Constantinescu of Ploiesti, with the Haffner Orchestra and the Orchestra Luigi Boccherini.   He has  collaborated with the Orchestra Novum Florilegium Collegii Musicorum, directed by Maestro   Carmen Failla and the Gaudemus Igitur Concentus Choir, directed by Maestra Elisa Poidomani, the   realization of the Stabat Mater by G.B. Pergolesi.  From 2003 to 2006 he was the Director of the  Polyphonic Choir "Giuseppe Tovini".   In 2007 he founded, together with soprano Angela Curiale, the Polyphonic Coro "S. Agata al  Carcere” as  it's director, which in the following year, united  permanently with the Coro Polifonico  San Giorgio. The  same year, received the honor of being the only choir to animate I Solenni Vespri  Pontificali  February 4th  Celebrations for S. Agata. Since 2010 he is the Director  of the UNITRE (“Coro dell'Università delle Tre Età”)  of Catania.  In November 2015, at Alessandria della Rocca, during the XIII National Concert of Sacred Choral  Music, won with the Polyphonic Choir San Giorgio, the solo voice of soprano Angela Curiale and  the song Stans Beata Agatha of M ° Paolo Cipolla, the Prize "Sicily Region" for the best execution of  a piece of topic related to Sicilian popular traditions or Sicilian author.   From September 2016 he is the Director of the Choir A.N.P.S. (National Police State Association)  sez. of Catania.   He performed the debut performance, of the piano transcription, of the overture to the  Cavalleria  Rusticana by Giuseppe Perrota, written in 1890 on commission from the same Perrota G.Verga and   unreleased tracks of the same Perrotta on a text by Emmanuel Navarro.   For his research and study  on Perrotta, has been repeatedly cited by Santo Privitera in the magazine, Musica e Musicisti  "minori" catanesi tra Ottocento e Novecento , published by BOEMI.     In 2005 he began a close collaboration with theaters and directors, playing the soundtracks of  multiple  productions: Risate a Viso Scoperto, Re di Denari, Cavalleria Rusticana, U malandrinu    Dal Berlusc al  Burlesc, Da Napoli a New York,  Don Gesualdo e La Ballerina, etc...    Particular attention is also given to the collaboration with the famous composer Catanese Matteo  Musumeci to record the song Butterfly's Lullaby.  He accompanied the soprano Angela Curiale to the Sangiorgi Theater at the inauguration of  Liberopalco, reciting for another three times the same stage as Director and Accompany   On behalf of the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, took part in the Bellini Days.    He has participated, accompanying the soprano Angela Curiale, on the CD, "Dalle Arie da Chiesa  alle  Romanze da Salotto”    He directed the Ensemble Studium Musica e Kleine Orgelmesse Hob. XXII FJ Haydn, Te Deum  and  KV 141 by W.A. Mozart, .  Performed in the concert presentation of "La Traviata" by G. Verdi,  with the company of operettas  "Convivium", the operetta "Scugnizza"   Costa - Lombardo, and Lombardo -  Ranzato the operetta  "Il Paese dei Campanelli".   He took part, accompanying the Coro Polifonico San Giorgio and soprano Angela Curiale, in the  "Malta International Choir Festival".   Recently he played at the Roman Amphitheater in Catania on the occasion of his revaluation to the  public   Since June 2014, is inserted into the portal  classicaonline both as a choir conductor and as a pianist.